Menu 3 Siostry


Selections from the daytime menu

Hot drinks

White or black coffee. 12 zł
Cappuccino. 14 zł
Hot chocolate. 14 zł
Winter tea. 14 zł
Tea infusions. 12 zł


Draft beers (Tyskie, Pilsner, Książęce pszeniczne) 14 zł / 16 zł / 15zł
Flavoured beers (Watermelon, Mango, Passion fruit) 16 zł

Cold drinks

Ice coffee*. 14 zł
*syrups to choose from: white chocolate, vanilla, caramel, coconut, pistachio 2 zł
Ice tea (citrus, passion fruit, watermelon) 14 zł
Lemonade (citrus, watermelon, raspberry) 14 zł
Verde wine (bottle) 80 zł

A bite to eat

Toasts (toppings to choose from: mozzarella, camembert, salami, chilli, olives). 17 zł
Hummus with add ins. 16 zł
Pierogi (fillings to choose from: cheese & potatoes, meat, spinach, fruit) 8 pcs 26 zł

Selections from the night time menu

Vodkas and other spirits

Strawberry liqueur (truskawkówka) 9  zł
Fig liqueur (figówka)

11 zł


limoncello              14 zł

Czech beers

Kozel 16  zł
Pilsner Urquell 16 zł


A tasting board of single malts. 60  zł
Fiero Sour 26 zł
Fig Collins 24 zł
Passion 24 zł
Malinowy Sour 25 zł
Carta Negra Sour 26 zł

Our PARTY Menu


Prices per bottle

Finlandia Vodka 0,5/0,7. 130/180zł
Whisky Dewar’s 0,7. 240 zł
Jack Daniel’s 0,7. 280 zł
Strawberry liqueur (truskawkówka) 0,5/1 L 90/140 zł
Fig liqueur (figówka) 0,5/1 L 90/180 zł
Prossecco 0,7. 120 zł
House wine 0,5 50 zł
Verde wine 0,7. 80 zł

Cold dishes

Greek salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, corn, feta, dressing)* 70 zł
Nicoise salad (lettuce, eggs, beans, tuna, gherkins, dressing)* 70 zł
Italian salad (lettuce, smoked ham, mozzarella, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, balsamico dressing)* 70 zł
Gyro salad (roast chicken, lettuce, corn, tomatoes, cucumber, dressing)* 70 zł
Rice salad with chicken (rice, pineapple, roast chicken, corn, dressing)* 70 zł
Snack platter (cheese, kabanos sausages, olives, grapes)* 140 zł
Basket of bread 15 zł

Hot dishes

Hot chicken wing platter (20pcs.) 100zł
Hot chicken thigh platter (15pcs.) 100zł
Dessert – choice of apple cake or cheesecake (tray)  130zł
Dear guest, booking snacks requires three days’ notice prior to the planned date.
*serves about ten

Contact form / Booking
To book a table, you need to make a payment of 10 zł per person within 2 days of when you made the booking. This is a fee per seat. In case of cancellation, the down payment will be forfeited. Bookings are taken only until 22:00, you have to be over 21.

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